I’m not in a hurry hasty as I may look I want to be here Believe me… I just can’t wait to be here

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Mother doesn’t share

Countless tales Mother doesn’t share her sorrow She has grown bigger Heavier, I mean to say She walks one foot, & then another Everyone The neighbours, Huda & her twins silly Suha and Suhair with his bad mouth stare Still Mother doesn’t share

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It read that if it were not saved, it would be lost instead But she corrected and said, not entirely it would dance it’s way into nothingness —floating, lingering, teasing almost vanishing but subtly when forgetting is forgotten

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Not that

Anguish? No, not that. Dread? Not that either I want to say it so you know without having to know. Can we trace it back without having to trace it back? Can I tell you that it explodes? Of course, eventually it explodes. But it doesn’t end there Can I tell you that it matters? […]

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Pandemic in our village

After suffering a fever that wouldn’t cease, coupled with a tightness in her chest, Mahdiya makes it to the ER, barely holding it together. The nurse rushes to escort her to the cubicle and gently helps her to the bed. Mahdiya is grateful for his assistance and smiles in gratitude. He smiles back, and says, […]

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Gahwa with Nan

I cried when we left Port Sudan to Khartoum, she said.I sat on the stool in my new kitchen and sang to the friends I left behindto the seathe tea the incense as much for the laughter that gathered us, as for the sorrow that felt less because we had each other. My lovely Port […]

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What if

What if the dots are all connected? What if you don’t need to work so hard as much as you need to pay attention? What if our failing is that we never look to see—when all that is required is to make out the pattern

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On Books

On things I’ve abandoned, books make the list of course. I’m setting up a 30 day challenge to complete 15 books with the deadline set to 14/08/22. I’ll try and update this post in the journey. Will I abandon this post as well? Who knows. I’m just kidding. Feel free to join me, I’m sure […]

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